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Ethics on the spot: the Clinton/Lynch encounter

Perhaps the most interesting recent conflict of interest story in the US concerns the unfortunate impromptu meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch last week on the tarmac of an airport in Phoenix, when he – learning that she was nearby – boarded her plane to chat. Lynch […]

The shockingly low price of virtue

A wonderful bit of dialogue sometimes attributed to George Bernard Shaw and sometimes to Winston Churchill goes as follows: Shaw: Madam, would you sleep with me for a million pounds? Actress: My goodness, Well, I’d certainly think about it. Shaw: Would you sleep with me for a pound? Actress: Certainly […]

Behavioral ethics as a driver of compliance

Ethical Systems has posted videos of the sessions at the recent conference on “Ethics by design.” Here’s the link to the panel with Donald Langevoort of Georgetown’s law school, Carsten Tams of Bertlesmann,  Serina Vash of NYU’s program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement and me. And here’s a link to […]

Behavioral ethics and compliance: strong and specific medicine

Last week, the Ethical Systems initiative, together with the Behavioral Science Policy Association, held a fascinating and well-received conference at NYU’s Stern School of Business on “Ethics By Design,” some of which was devoted to a favorite topic of this blog – “behavioral ethics and compliance.”  While still in its infancy, this […]

A 25-year experiment in ethics and compliance

In his 2008 book Experiments in Ethics, Anthony Appiah made a strong and important case that behavioral science ideas and information should be used to address ethical challenges. But for me the most compelling ethics-related experiment of modern times comes from the realm of political – rather than behavioral – […]

The role of the Board

How can a board of directors (or board committee) effectively oversee a C&E program without crossing the line into program management? In my latest column in Compliance & Ethics Professional  (see page 2 of PDF) I suggest six C&E areas on which boards should focus – to meet their fiduciary duties […]

The Behavioral Ethics and Compliance Index

While in the more than four years of its existence the COI Blog  has been devoted primarily to examining conflicts of interest it has also run more than fifty posts on what behavioral ethics might mean for corporate compliance and ethics programs. Below is an updated version of a topical […]

A big step forward for compliance & ethics officers

A long time ago, I learned of a company at which – I was told – an individual had been hired into a compliance role precisely because he would be unlikely to notice (and thus stop) the crimes in which the company was engaged.  I could not then tell if […]

A compliance biography – with a dash of early compliance history

I’m very happy to announce that Ethical Systems has chosen me as their featured collaborator for April.  Here is an interview in which, among other  I discuss with “Eth Sys” various research projects I’ve worked on (or am planning) and briefly look back at aspects of the C&E field’s early history. […]

Like “Car Talk” for C&E

On April 12 at noon ECI will present a web cast in which Steve Priest and I answer questions – on ethical culture, effective programs and other topics – submitted in advance by attendees. We will follow the free-flowing (and at times edgy) approach taken in our recently issued e-book. […]