Compliance for the whole family

For the past two weeks Rebecca and I have been running a series in the FCPA Blog on “Parental controls: anti-corruption compliance programs for joint ventures, subsidiaries and franchisees.” In case you don’t have time to read all eight parts, here are links to the individual posts:

Part One – Introduction.

Part Two – Drivers for strong JV compliance approaches.

Part Three – Joint-venture compliance mechanisms.

Part Four – How to conduct risk assessment for JVs.

Part Five – Holding companies.

Part Six – Actively managed subsidiaries.

Part Seven – Actively managed subsidiaries (cont.) and franchises.

Part Eight – The risk of “piercing the corporate veil.”

We hope you find it interesting.  And, because this is not going to be our last word on this topic, we also hope you’ll send us comments.

And the final word goes to my daughter:  “Parent-child compliance? What good is waking life with nightmares like these?”


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