“Parental controls” – compliance programs for joint ventures and subsidiaries

Plumbing is often seen as boring.  But when something goes wrong with it, everyone appreciates just how important plumbing is.

In a business organization, much of the C&E “plumbing” consists of governance measures.  This, too, generally seems like an uninteresting topic.  But for complex organizations – and particularly those with many affiliated entities – there is a lot that can go wrong with C&E program governance, with the consequences being not unlike those in traditional plumbing failures.

To help companies try to steer clear of C&E governance failures, yesterday I spoke at the SCCE’s annual Compliance and Ethics Institute on the topic of C&E programs for joint ventures and subsidiaries.   The presentation materials are here:  SCCE 2013 Annual C&E Institute (final).  I hope you find them interesting (or, at least, useful).

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