A new (and free) behavioral ethics resource – videos from the U of T

A few days ago the University of Texas’ McCombs School of Business launched its Ethics Unwrapped web site. The site  asks, “Why do good people do bad things?” and notes: “Neither character nor the ability to reason ethically is strongly correlated with ethical behavior, so there is work to be done beyond the pulpit and philosophy class. Using the tools of psychology and related fields, behavioral ethics explores the organizational pressures and psychological biases that often cause well-intentioned people to act unethically. This new field of ethics is one area of emphasis for Ethics Unwrapped.”

The site offers free ethics teaching videos focusing on various behavioral ethics concepts (a frequent focus of the COI Blog), such as bounded ethicality, framing, ethical fading, role morality, incrementalism, conformity bias, self-serving bias and overconfidence bias. There is also a video on conflicts of interest.

The videos are available here.  While intended for the classroom, some of these could also be used in the workplace, and so I encourage you to visit the site and sample its wares.

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