A world of anti-corruption law

And now a word about our publisher.

Many of you have doubtless already heard of ethiXbase but for those who haven’t it is not only the publisher of the Conflict of Interest Blog but also of the FCPA Blog and of a database which contains an abundance of useful resources for compliance professionals dealing with global anti-corruption challenges. This database features “local” anti-corruption laws, regulations (such as on gift giving), ministerial codes and enforcement actions from around the world.  As you can imagine, such information can be invaluable for conducting risk assessments, creating policies and procedures, developing training and communications for employees and third parties and for various audit-related purposes, among other things. More broadly, this tool can help organizations with limited resources for anti-corruption compliance choose where best to put their “chips.”

Earlier this week, the FCPA Blog announced that it would offer memberships which include unlimited access to ethiXbase.  To learn more about it, as I hope you’ll take time to do, click here.

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