Some C&E presentations in the coming weeks

On May 3, I’ll be speaking on a web cast presented by MetricStream on risk assessment and mitigation, with an emphasis on ways to make sure that identified risks don’t fall through the cracks.

On May 16, I’ll be speaking at a symposium being held by the Rand Center for Corporate Ethics and Governance  on how well  federal law and policy incents companies to have effective C&E programs.  (Based on the following tenet of Marxist economic logic – Groucho:  Just how tough are you?  Chico:  You pay little bit, we’re little bit tough. You pay very much, very much tough. You pay too much, we’re too much tough – I’ll argue that it should be no surprise that many C&E programs are no more than “semi-tough.”)

On May 18, I’ll be speaking on FCPA compliance at the SCCE NE Regional Conference, presenting some of the results of the anti-corruption benchmarking study that Rebecca Walker and I conducted with the FCPA Blog.

On May 31, I’ll be speaking about board oversight of C&E programs at the PLI 2012 C&E Institute.

And, this coming Wednesday I teach the first class in ECOA’s (distance learning) “law school.”  (Seats still available!)

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