The Story to Date – and What’s on the Horizon

Since many readers are now visiting the COI Blog for the first time, I thought that while I’m on vacation it might be useful to post links to some of the pieces from our first few months.  (Note that most individual links are to multiple posts – e.g., there are six parts to the risk assessment series –  and these appear in reverse chronological order. So, if you’re reading one of the series, you might want to start at the bottom.)

COIs and the limits of disclosure (based on, among other things, behavioral ethics and “reverse  COIs”)

Mitigating COIs through training and other communications, certificationsdiscipline, and risk assessment  (includes a series on global issues in addressing COIs by Lori Tansey Martens of the International Business Ethics Institute and one on effective communications strategies by Joel Rogers of Kaplan Eduneering)

COIs in different types of business organizations and contexts –  non-profits, joint ventures and private equity firms, among others

COIs involved in sitting on another company’s board (the most visited post to date – and we’ll be doing more on boards in the coming months)

COIs arising from gifts, entertainment and travel  (more to come on this in the coming months)

COIs and the law (coming soon – a guest post by top criminal defense lawyer Patrick J. Egan of the Fox Rothschild firm on what makes a COI a crime, as well as coverage of lawyers and independence issues)

The Goldman Sachs case (the case of the year for COI aficionados)

The big picture: why conflicts matterCOIs and the future, and do we worry too much about COIs?

Conflicts “cousins”:  moral hazard and cognitive bias (the latter a nine-part series  on behavioral ethics – with more to come, including an exploration of what moral intuitionism can mean for C&E programs)

And, here’s the opening post – on what this blog aims to do.

What else is on deck:  COI quizzes for employees, COIs and “organizational justice,” discipline for COI violations, COIs in charitable giving, COIs and hiring government employees  – and guest posts from the Ethics and Compliance Officer Association and the Institute of Business Ethics.

Back soon.

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