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“Reverse Conflicts of Interest”

Consider the following (disguised) case, from some years ago…. A company enters into a complex business arrangement where one of its managers has a relationship with the other entity.  The relationship is fully disclosed and approved pursuant to company policy on COI waivers.  After time, the arrangement runs into business […]

Other People’s Conflicts

Samuel Johnson once famously said of some unfortunate soul, “He is not only dull himself, he is the cause of dullness in others,” and in this posting we’ll examine how companies can avoid the misfortune that sometimes comes from causing conflicts of interests in others. To start, a brief bit […]

Welcome to the Conflict of Interest Blog

Welcome to Day One of the Conflicts of Interest Blog!   Here’s an overview of the “what,” “why” “how,” “who” and “when” of this blog. What.  The focus of the blog is conflicts of interests (“COIs”)  in and otherwise involving business organizations – meaning what they are and how they can […]