Coming to the Conflict of Interest Blog in Early 2012

Thanks to all who have visited the blog since we opened our doors just a few weeks ago, and we appreciate hearing from so many of you.

Here are some of the topics we’ll address in January and February.

Assessing COI risks (a five-part series)

– Serving on another company’s board of directors: what are the potential COIs?

The murky legal landscape for COIs

– “Big ticket” COI cases

COIs in internal investigations

– Is too much attention paid to COIs? (One top Harvard B School professor thinks so!)

– COIs and joint ventures

We will also launch an ongoing series on Cognitive bias and the case for “behavioral ethics and compliance,”   continue our series on “Moral hazard” and COIs and have another posting on Unintended consequences of COI disclosures.

Plus, we’ll have a guest post by Lori Tansey Martens of the International Business Ethics Institute on Global challenges in conflicts of interest, and will continue our weekly coverage of COIs in the news.

And, I hope that you’ll consider joining our web cast on COIs, Moral Hazard and Cognitive
on Feb. 15, presented by SCCE.


Happy New  Year!

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