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Behavioral anti-corruption compliance and its limits

Previous posts here have suggested ways in which behavioral ethics research findings can enhance the practice of corporate compliance and so I was interested in a recent piece in the FCPA Blog about the potential for a behavioral ethics approach to anti-corruption compliance. “How fewer controls leads to more compliance” […]

Behavioral compliance”: the will and the way

Behavioral ethics” information and ideas have, to date, been used far more to identify ethical challenges than to design approaches to address such challenges. In “Behavioral Ethics, Behavioral Compliance” (which can be downloaded for free here ) Professor Donald C. Langevoort of the Georgetown University Law Center takes up this […]

Board conflicts of interest in an age of behavioral ethics

Rebecca Walker and I write about  directors and COIs in the latest issue of Corporate Board magazine.  Along with a discussion of behavioral ethics,  we include a list of topics that COI policies should address. We hope you find it useful.

Behavioral ethics and compliance – what to do about “framing” risks

Over the past few years, the COI Blog has devoted a fair bit of attention to considering what “behavioral ethics” can mean for corporate compliance programs.  An index of these writings can be found here.  Conspicuously absent from this compilation was anything on the important behavioral concept of “framing.” But […]

Inherent conflicts of interest and behavioral ethics

At his trial for Libor rigging, evidence was introduced last week that former trader Tom Hayes had told the Serious Frauds Office that “many of the people responsible for submitting panel banks’ Libor rates also traded products linked to the rate, creating an inherent conflict of interest” and that “’[n]ot […]

“Advanced tone at the top” and the role of behavioral ethics and compliance

Many years ago a CEO at a client organization was called on to respond to a case of employee misuse of T&E expenses at his company.   The CEO was, as best I could tell, an honest individual, and he used the occasion to tell managers in no uncertain terms that […]

A behavioral ethics and compliance index

While in the more than three years of its existence the COI Blog  has been devoted primarily to examining conflicts of interest it has also run a number (close to fifty) of posts on what behavioral ethics might mean for corporate compliance and ethics programs. Below is an updated version […]

Behavioral ethics and reality-based law

Historically, one of the ways law has advanced is by becoming more “reality based” in general and accepting of social science information and ideas in particular. This is a legacy of the great Louis Brandeis. In the latest issue of Compliance & Ethics Professional (on the second page of  the PDF) I ask […]

Values, structural compliance, behavioral ethics and…Dilbert

Back in the mid-1990’s, the incomparable business ethicist Dilbert asked his boss: “Can you explain how the company’s new ‘Statement of Core Values’ will change my behavior? I was planning to poison the town’s water supply. But wait! It’s against our core values!” The debate over the value of values […]

Behavioral ethics and compliance: an index

The COI Blog was launched two and a-half years ago today – and since then has been devoted primarily to examining conflicts of interest. But it has also run a number of posts on what behavioral ethics might mean for corporate compliance programs and, because of the ever increasing interest […]