A terrific alliance in the C&E space

Yesterday Kaplan & Walker LLP sent out this notice to friends and colleagues:

Happy New Year!

We are writing to let you know some very exciting news. Our friend and fellow compliance lawyer Amii Barnard-Bahn is joining Kaplan & Walker LLP as a new partner!

Amii is an extremely capable and well-respected compliance lawyer. She has been practicing in the field of compliance law since 2004 and brings a wealth of experience to the firm as an attorney, certified executive coach, and former Fortune 5 Chief Compliance Officer.

We are confident that Amii’s background will add an exciting new dimension to the Firm’s expertise. We will also be adding an office in Sacramento, California.  Amii can be reached at abarnardbahn@kaplanwalker.com. The press release announcing the addition of Amii to the firm is here.

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