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President Biden and behavioral ethics

One of the key findings of the behavioral ethics field is that it is easier to act unethically to an anonymous individual than a known one. As described in this paper by Deborah A. Small and George Loewenstein,  in one study “subjects were more willing to compensate others who lost money when […]

Another Way to Prevent Corporate Crime?

Do prosecutors need another arrow in their quiver? Professor John Coffee of Columbia Law School thinks so. In Rethinking Corporate Prosecutions in the Harvard law school corporate law blog Coffee writes: What threat could cause corporations to agree to turn in senior executives? Clearly, current penalties are not sufficient. In […]

2021 behavioral ethics and compliance index

While in the more than nine years of its existence the COI Blog  has been devoted primarily to examining conflicts of interest it has also run quite a few posts on what behavioral ethics might mean for corporate compliance and ethics programs. Below is an updated version of a topical  index to these […]