Is your C&E program ready for a behavioral ethics upgrade?

Back to school time is almost upon us, so now’s as good a time as any for C&E officers to ask: what should we learn from the many scholars conducting behavioral ethics research that can help strengthen our C&E programs?  Here – by way of links to some recent posts – are thoughts on specific ways in which programs can be upgraded using behavioral ethics ideas and information:

Promotion of whistleblowing

Gifts and entertainment policies

Imposing discipline and promoting accountability  

Risk assessment  (also discussed in this post)

Training  and other communications  (discussing and linking to an important article by Scott Killingsworth).

Note that those are just 2013 pieces from the blog.  Many earlier postings about what behavioral ethics can mean for C&E programs are collected in this article from the Hong Kong based governance journal CSj .

Will behavioral ethics be on your company’s “final exam?”  That’s not for me to say – since I don’t prepare the “tests.”  For that you’ll have to ask your (friendly?) local prosecutor.

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