Complimentary web cast on assessing C&E programs

Both government standards and sound management practices underscore the importance of business organizations periodically assessing their compliance and ethics (“C&E”) programs.  But what should such an assessment entail?  And who should conduct these assessments, and with what frequency?

I’m pleased to announce that on Wednesday, May 15 at 12 pm Eastern time my partner Rebecca Walker and I will join the Compliance & Ethics Leadership Council’s Leslie Altizer (Director – Legal, Risk, and Compliance Practice) and  Abbott Martin (Research Director – Legal, Risk & Compliance Practice) in a comprehensive, complimentary web cast – Program Assessment:  Meaningful Program Measurement – which will explore these and other key issues about C&E program assessments, including:

– How should program effectiveness be defined? How can it be measured?

– How can you garner feedback from employees and business partners in a program assessment, and what role should that feedback play?

– How should key program areas – such as risk assessment, training/communications, auditing/monitoring, encouraging and responding to reports of suspected violations, and board program oversight – be assessed?

– What does a “deep dive” into a high-risk compliance area, such as anti-bribery, entail?

– How can an assessment report be translated into a program enhancement action plan?

We hope that the web cast will provide a good amount of useful information for those with C&E program responsibilities, and that we will see you there.

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