A presentation on C&E programs for joint ventures

For many companies, C&E risks and mitigation in non-operated joint ventures can be seen as an under-discovered country.  Yet relatively little has been published about practical measures to identify and respond to such risks, which for some organizations can be very significant.

Earlier this week I spoke on a web cast with Keri Dawson of MetricStream on JV compliance covering, among other things:

– why the issue is more important now than ever before

– the three pillars of JV C&E protection – screening, JV structuring and ongoing assistance

– the four dimensions of JV risk assessment

– using incentives to promote compliance in JVs

– providing turnkey C&E programs to JVs

– the role of management and the board in an effective JV risk mitigation regime.

Among the topics covered by Keri was the role of technology in JV compliance.

Our power points are available here.  And here’s a link to the web cast itself.

I hope you find this information useful.

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